Welcome to the Spiral Dynamics Group -- Members Domain

The Spiral Dynamics Group (SDG) is a network of individuals, around the world, who practice and apply a pioneering body of work, developed by Professor Clare W. Graves (1914-1986) of Union College, New York, now known as Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi). The Spiral Dynamics Group has been guided by the approach taken by Dr. Don Beck, and his work can be followed on www.spiraldynamics.net

The Group promotes and applies a leading-edge point of view on the dynamics of change, and the attributes which seem to describe most accurately the complex adaptive developmental stages of human consciousness. The application of this work covers all human contexts ranging from individual development, to organization design and alignment, to leadership development. If you're a student wondering who can help me write my essays, you're welcome to use info given on the site. It provides insights into the many dilemmas we face on this planet today, and informs our thinking about what is needed to navigate a viable way forward. The predictive capabilities of this work are particularly unique in the field of "Change Management” and “Change Scenarios."

This web site has been in existence since 2001 - it is currently undergoing a review and upgrade.  We intend that this site represents for its members a broad view of advanced application, across a constellation of many individuals, worldwide.  Its primary purpose is to act as an information, research and development portal.